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Create Your Own Golf Simulator

Take the Golf Tech Enclosure, add a Tracking Hardware and the additional components required and we can produce your ideal system.

It is that simple.....

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How We Work

The Golf Tech Enclosure

Whether you're starting from scratch or already have a tracking device the Golf Tech Enclosure is the best setup available to use for your Simulator. With a world class impact screen this impressive enclosure works also very well as a cinema screen to watch films or sports. Easy to assemble the Golf Tech Enclosure has just three pieces of material and with a reversible screen offers tremendous value.


Virtual Setup or Full Installation

Golf Tech offer two options to get your system setup. Firstly a full installation service from our expert team of installers. Ideal if you want the system installed perfectly without lifting a finger.

Secondly we offer Virtual Setup. This means we supply you the components to assemble yourself and then we can provide Video support through Facetime to help complete your setup. This has proven to be very successful with clients that want to get hands on but just need some help with the final technical side of setup.

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Trackman Build

Trackman was this Clients chosen Tracking Hardware. During a Milton Keynes Demo we discussed, recommended and supplied the components needed to create this beautiful setup.

We added E6 Golf Simulation Software alongside the Trackman software so he could choose between serious practice or playing some courses. The Trackman combine test also gives the focus on which areas to work on in his game. The combine test highlights the strong and weak areas of your game so you're practicing efficiently.

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Side Positioned Projector

This Home User had a narrow room where he wanted his Simulator. After a full demonstration at our Milton Keynes Facility the client could see the benefit of our side positioned projector so the unit was not in a vulnerable position to be hit or where a shadow could be cast on the screen. 

A two day installation which included product training on the system followed by Trackman onsite training a week later gave this client everything he needed for an amazing home system.

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Trugolf Portable Solution

Positioned in an existing Coffee Shop this portable solution worked perfect for this prestigious Golf Club

6 Metre Curve Screen

Trugolf tracking and a curve screen was this clients brief